The evolution of web space to the modern digital asset backed by the blockchain and NFT. A new paradigm of web property that can be detached, owned, transferred, and traded.

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Next level asset

With enormous capacity ready to explode in seconds.

Ready for minting

Backed by established and seasoned technologies.

By everyone

At distributed market with no intermediaries.

A new Web Property paradigm

The most apparent online asset, webspace, is now ready to transform into a new class of property secured by NFT.

Another class of Property

Verified by Proof-of-Ownership mechanism and secured by NFT, a webspace developed for 30 years, now can be turned into a digital asset.

Similar to the real estate property, web resource parts can be sold, leased as a w.Property, and traded by the w.Property owners.

Awaiting for extraction

The w.Property approach lets an undoubted value concluded in a web resource become a liquid asset that owners can trade in a trustless manner.

Webspace, distributed over the millions of people and companies globally, can be minted to NFT secured w.Property by anybody owning web resources.

200 m

Active websites with 6 billion web pages.

4.7+ b

Internet users with 700,000+ new users daily.

6h 47m

Spent online by average user daily.
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w.Property Whitepaper

Take a closer view of the web property evolution concept details.

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